Latex sheeting Latex sheeting is currently the number one fetish fabric in terms of popularity, having edged out the old favorite: leather. Latex is a natural product and comes from the sap of a particular genus of tree. The sap is collected and then undergoes several processes including the adding of die to give it color. It's then rolled and shipped to distributors as sheets. Fetish garment and clothing manufactureres then purchase the latex sheeting, cut it, and glue it to form the clothing you see on your favorite models.

Latex is the fabric of choice for many top models because of it's high stretch characteristics and second skin like appeal. It's also one of the few fabrics that can have transparency.

To get a really high gloss finish you have to apply a latex shine to the clothing. Sometimes it comes in a spray bottle, other times in a squirt bottle that you apply yourself. Due to the expensiveness of fetish and latex clothing, you can save a ton of money by making your own garments from latex sheeting. Be sure to checkout MJTrends.com for all your fetish fabric needs.
PVC vinyl fetish fabric PVC aka vinyl fabric is also very popular within the fetish realm. What once used to be known as the poor mans latex has become quite popular, even breaking into many mainstream fashions. Vinyl is super easy to keep clean, just wipe it down and your done. Thicker patent vinyl is used for corsets, thigh high boots, etc.

Vinyl is easier to work with than latex because you can sew it instead of having to glue it. Gluing takes a much longer time, which is partially why latex clothing is so expensive. PVC also comes with an incredibly high gloss shine without requiring any kind of treatment.

PVC comes in a huge variety of colors. MJTrends.com also makes custom designs in vinyl fabric specifically for the fetish industry, such as polka dots, pin stripes, floral prints, lots of metallics and more.
Four way stretch vinyl fabric Four way stretch vinyl is the latest newcomer to the fetish scene and is making quite a splash against the crowd favorite latex. The stretch vinyl fabric rivals the elasticity of latex, but has all the advantages of vinyl. It's easy to sew, low maintenance, water proof, high gloss, and super sexy!

Many people refer to 4-way stretch vinyl as "liquid oil". Common uses include catsuits, skirts, dresses, gowns, and more. It's thinner than pvc and patent vinyl so it's not great for mens pants, vests, jackets, or corsets, but for items where a great deal of stretch is required along with a high gloss shine, you simple can't go wrong.

MJTrends carries a few colors of stretch vinyl fabric and it is rumored will be offering more. Current colors involve the standard black, red, and white with expectations that silver, not pink, blue and perhaps even some custom designs coming up in the near future.
Faux leather fabric If you look back to the 1980's and earlier there wasn't a fetish fabric more popular than leather. However, in recent times leather has fallen out of fashion for a more animal friendly variation - faux leather. It looks the same as leather, often times feels indistinguishable, and costs a lot less.

For some fetishists there is no better feeling that that matte soft touch of leather. Much like other fetish fabrics it has a touch and feel that is similar to none. Faux leather gives you the ability to have that great feel and touch without feeling back about it. Plus it's generally much easier to sew.

Just like leather, faux leather comes in a wide variety of treatments and colors. You can get it with a metallic sheen, black, red, less or more gloss, reptile or snakeskin prints, the list goes on and on.
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