Susan Wayland

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Susan wayland - fetish model wearing transparent latex on a beach.Susan Wayland (also known as Sway) is a 29 year old German fetish model. Her career involves primarily latex fetishism adult photography. Even in her youth, Susan loved performing and dressing up. She starred in school theatre productions of Shakespearean plays such as Romeo and Juliet, and A Midsummer Nights Dream. Aged 17, she had a penchant for gothic outfits and make-up. Her late teen years were very reminiscent of friend and fellow latex lover Bianca Beauchamp (indeed Susan appears in Beauchamps raunchy All Access movie). Susan too discovered her love for latex in her teenage years, and she also met her future husband Norman Richter through this fetish. Norman had a passion for photography in his spare time, and Susan was his number one subject.

She proved that she was not just a pretty face when studying History and German language and literature studies, but her teenage love for latex and fetish photography escalated in her early twenties when she decided that she would become a full-time model. Her first appearance as a fashion model for Torture Garden at the German Fetish Ball saw her being racked with nerves, but as soon as she stepped on stage, her nerves vanished, and she knew that the industry was for her.

Her career took an upward turn in 2004 when she started collaborating with one of the worlds most important fetish magazine and latex designing companies Marquis. The following year, she worked with the highly-regarded Patrice Catanzaro, and in 2006 she modelled on the Fetish-Universe line No-Respect, and became the face of one of the worlds leading latex designers Latexa Fashion.

Fetish fabrics modeled by Susan Wayland

Susan branched out when she starred in the music video for Smatka Molots track Wrong Love. In this video, Susan did what she does best; appear in various kinky latex outfits, whilst the whole video is a showcase for the world of fetish, containing devil midgets and rubber maids amongst other things. This video received the 2006 Hollywood Discovery Award for best music video and the 2007 New York Independent Film Festival award for Best International Music Video, adding to her recognition in the fetish world.

Fetish model susan wayland wearing shiny latex.

She states that she adores latex because it is a soft material that clings to the body, and its sensuality makes her feel more feminine and sexy than any other outfit. Its shiny, polished look is arousing for her, and she loves the way it can feel hot or cold at alternate moments. For Susan, the fetish industry she is in is the best possible one for her. The latex scene allows her to wear the tight fabric, but also enables her to indulge in bondage, masks, spandex, and leather. She says that the scene contains nothing but opening-minded, friendly individuals with a shared interest in erotica. In her eyes, a fetish is not just something that stimulates you sexually. There are various things that can arouse your senses to the full. She likes to transform herself with different latex outfits, each more sexy than the last. Also, the scent of latex is akin to perfume.

She likes submission, and the feeling you get from not having any control of the situation. As is a seeming prerequisite with fetish models, Susans body is a temple, only she has chosen to decorate it with various designs and ornaments! She had two serpent tattoos, and a tattoo of a bat in her pubic area. Also, she had various piercing on her lip, belly button, nipples, and labia.

Susan has appeared on several magazine covers such as Skin Two, Massad, and the aforementioned Marquis. Marquis also contains risqué pictures of Susan in its 2005/06 fashion catalogue and in its Cirque du Bizarre video. In terms of awards, Susan was named as Miss Secret in the October 2005 issue of Secret Magazine.

In terms of the future, Wayland just wants to continue in the field of adult photography, but hopes to perhaps transcend the fetish field and be distinguished as an art. This is illustrated by Unique-Artwork, an independent project involving her and Norman. This site is regularly updated with photos, information and reports on all things latex and fetish. She believes that photography has no limits, therefore, she is free to explore without fear of hitting a wall, or crossing a boundary.

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